How It Works

  1. A 10 x 10 mobile studio is set up at your event.
  2. A person or a group of people stand in front of the camera with or without props.
  3. A short video is taken while your guests dance, hold up signs, blow kisses or just be themselves.
  4. Once they review the video and like it, we print the video, put it through our cutter and bind the small book right in front of their very eyes.
  5. When they flip through the flip book, they will smile in astonishment that they can see their video inside. Check out our video page

It’s that simple. The whole process just takes minutes! Your guests will forever have a customized keepsake that will brighten their day for years to come.

Included In Services:

  • Unlimited Flipbooks can process up to 50 flipbooks/per hour
  • 2 on-site operators
  • Props – hats, signs, boa’s to use while creating your flipbook
  • Setup & Break down of the studio
  • Customized flipbook covers for your specific event

Set up:

Set up takes less than an hour and we only need a 10 x 10 area for white screen and a 15 x 15 area for Green Screen. We only charge the time making flipbooks, the set up/break down is our own time.

What we’ll need:

  • 2 – 6ft tables w/ linens
  • 1 – 15amp electric plug

Customizing Your Flipbook Experience


We can also customize your flip book covers, adding your own personal touch to each flipbook. Covers can be any color and include your company logo, date, pictures, and much more.

If you can dream it, we can create it.

If you have a graphic artist, we can send you the measurements so you can have them design your covers. We just need it in a JPEG format.

See sample covers on our gallery page.

Additional Features:

Our state of the art software and technology allows us to offer a new optional feature to the flipbook. The new feature allows the guests to add a message which is then displayed as they flip through their books. The displayed message they’ve chosen will appear across the bottom of the flipbook such as a CNN news headline.

Theme Events:

Having a theme event? Our flipbook studio is the perfect addition to your themed event. We can design the flipbook covers to match the theme of the event, along with the theme props.

*Charges may apply for additional theme props.