About Us

How do Flipbook Memories work?

A 10 x 10 mobile studio is set up at your event. A person or several people stand in front of the camera with or without props. A short video is taken. During the video your guests can dance, hold up a sign, blow kisses and just be themselves. Once they review the video and like it, we print the video, put it through our cutter and bind the small book right in front of their very eyes. When they flip through the flipbook, they will smile in astonishment that they can see their video inside. It?s that simple. The whole process just takes minutes! Forever your guests will have a customized keepsake that will brighten their day for years to come.

Why Flipbook Memories?

It is perfect for any age, from child to grandparents. The quick turn around gives the guests immediate gratification and causes a buzz through out the event.